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In furtherance of some of my health tips, I want to bring to you today some few out of the many dangers of smoking.

I can authoritatively say to you that smoking is more of a wasteful than profitable ventures.

I want to believe that part of your daily resolution is to quit smoking.

I hope that the long time spent in libraries and on the internet to get this information and posting them will be a profitable one by changing someone way of doing things.

The danger of smoking is displayed on the personality involved, the Family, the society, environment and to a large extent the economy of a country and the whole world.

A cigarette contains more than 700 chemical additives, some of which are toxic and non- food classified.

Cigarette temperature reaches 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit once lit.

At this temperature it releases thousands of chemical compounds with poisons like Carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, at least 43 carcinogens and other mutagens which are all inhaled by smokers into the body.

I will save you the details in order not to bore you with much to read. I know only few blacks like reading.

Here are some of the Dangers:

1. Nicotine content of cigarette is the one responsible for making smoker to want take more and more sticks after the first one. It enter into the blood stream and on to the brain, half of it is deposited there and do not go back out with the smoke being exhaled. It raises the heart rate and blood pressure. Potential heart disease on the way.

2. Tar from tobacco smoke (just like the coal tar for road construction) accumulates on the bronchial tubes leading to the lungs causing blockage with time. The hot smoke also burns the tiny hair-like projections called cilia that trap harmful particles from entering the lungs.

3. Smoking increases the level of carbon monoxide or carbon (ii) oxide in the lungs. This poisonous gas is absorbed into the blood, reducing its capacity to carry oxygen. As a result, a smoker lacks physical effort to attain tasks that non-smoker does as His heart must work harder during such task. Carbon monoxide in blood causes impaired vision, perception of time and coordination. with time respiratory ailments, thickening of arteries, blood clots, cancer of the lungs,cervix,larynx,mouth,esophagus,bladder,pancreas,kidney,empysema,develop as well as symptoms of reduction of stamina, poor athletic performance, wheezing, coughing, dizziness and nausea. Prolonged use of tobacco leads to stained teeth, finger, bad breath (smelling mouth), smelling cloths and room.

4. The cost of smoking is high, much money is spent buying cigarettes daily. So much is also spent treating diseases that result from smoking. This reduces the standard of living of smokers. Much money is spent on dentists for stained teeth, breath fresheners.

5. Second-hand smoking is another very dangerous effect of smoking. It has being scientifically proven that it is more dangerous than smoking itself. This refers to being around smokers, people who are in the company of smoker inhale a high percentage of the smoke. The danger is that, the smoke being exhaled by the smoker comes out and mixes up with more toxic substances in the atmosphere and then inhaled by the non-smoker. This causes more harm to the non-smoker.

6. Smokers gives a high risk of starting fires. Most household fire in America is traceable to carelessly left lit cigarette. Most smokers are addicted to it, hence separated from their loved ones. People stay away from them because of their smells.

7. It separates you from God, as marriage to the world and things in it, is serration from God. Cigarette becomes a God in the life of smokers, and any thing that takes the place of God in the life of man, means death.


The same way you started smoking, you can also stop it. You might need external help from friends and loved ones and most importantly, the help of God.

First acknowledge your helplessness and call God to help you.

The act of smoking is controlled be a spirit, and it only takes the spirit of God to overcome it.

Here are some Tips:

Stop Smoking - Positive Useful Tips SMOKE has 5 does DEATH

1. Built up a strong belief in you blended with stronger will power to quit smoking. Consider giving up smoking as one of the very difficult things you have done in your life. It’s all up to you.

2. Develop your plan and take a decision right away for doing things accordingly.

3. Make short note why you want to stop smoking live longer far better, for your family, some money, smell better to find a mate easily etc. you know very well what is bad about smoking and what you will achieve when you stop smoking. Put the same on a paper and read it daily once.

4. Seek an all out stop smoking support from your family and friends for your decision to stop smoking. Tell them in the very near future you may become irritable, even irrational as a cause of quitting smoking habit.

5. Get on with a set date to stop smoking and also decide on what day you intend to say a final good-bye to cigarette. You may hold a small ceremony when you smoke your last cigarette. It’s up to your liking.

6. Speak to your doctor about quitting. A wholehearted support from a physician would work out as proven way to better off your shames to quit.

7. An exercise program on daily basis is going to help you relive of stress, and recover from years of damage from cigarettes, may be you can start walking ones or twice per day. You may also consider about some rigorous activities 3 to 4 times per week. Consult your physician prior to begin any exercise program. (Stop Smoking Exercises) .

8. Practice some deep breathing every day 3 to 5 minutes breath in through the nose slowly hold breath for a few seconds, exhale slowly through your mouth.

9. Begin to imagine your way as a non-smoker. Close your eyes imagine yourself turning down offers of cigarettes, offered by someone, throwing all of your packs of cigarette away, winning a gold medal for doing so. A powerful imagination really works.

10. Cut back on cigarettes keep it with a gradual speed. This situation would call for a clear cut plan as to ‘how many cigarettes ‘ you will smoke everyday reducing the number following each day; you buy only one pack at a time, changing brands means you don’t enjoy smoking as much pall on cigarettes to someone else when feel like to smoke you have to ask for each time.

11. Mostly smokers feel if to give up smoking take firm decision once for all, just to stop smoking suddenly, no point trying to go slow and steady. You are the best judge quitting cold turkey or by gradual quitting.

12. Make a genuine attempt to find out another smoker who is also trying to stop smoking help each other disusing some positive thought just because quitting becomes different.

13. You have ‘clean sheet’ now after quitting smoking your area non smoker. You can now think of celebrating the milestone of your journey step by step. After a period of two weeks see a movie, visit a funny restaurant a month after. Covering a time span of three months move out for you after six months. A year after have a party for yourself, invite your family friends to your birthday party, celebrate your new beginning of life.

14. To drink lot of water. Drinking of more would help flushing out nicotine and chemical out of your body.

15. Avoid triggers, learn to plan alternative means and way to deal with the trigger like you feel smoking when in stress, in the end of a meal, arrival at the work, entering a bar etc.

Remember tobacco smokers are laiable to die young.

Please further pass on this information to others, most especially people who you know that smokes.

Tell them to visit this site alwayz.........

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