Thursday, February 26, 2009


Before I continue from where I stopped last time on the various diseases of the body, I felt I should let everyone know an important information about one of the most vital organs of the body; “THE HEART”.

It is the power house of the body which controls all the activities of the body by the in-flow and out-flow of oxygen (air), in and out of the body, (a process called respiration).

Without the heart, nothing works.

That is why it has to be properly protected and examined all the time to prevent it from some diseases which are termed heart diseases, and if it occurs may have no cure.

But I will not talk about the various diseases, I will talk about the tips on which if properly maintained / followed, will always prevent and protect our heart from all these diseases (breaking down).


The tips are:

1. Eat more of vegetables, grains, greens, fruits, fish ,seeds, and yogurts.

2. Eat less of milk, chesse and nuts, Eggs especially when you are 25 years and above.

3. Add garlic to your recipes. If you can withstand the smell though.

4. Eat foods rich in Beta-carotene. Foods like carrots, carbage, sweet potatoes and dark leafy greens. Note eat them in their RAW state as much as possible. Heat Denature them.

5. Reduce your sodium intake as much as possible to not more than 11/4 (eleven divided by four) teaspoons of salt per day. Salt has high risk effect on adults from 45 years above. It is linked to high blood pressure. Am still researching on this further.

6. Eat regularly. Always observe all your meals, don’t skip meals (the very busy individuals, mostly take note), and don't eat in between meal. Don’t eat junks (everybody; take note).Possibly, have a meal time table. Please watch what you eat in order not to damage you liver. Note breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don’t miss it.

7. Drink enough water as much as possible during the day.W.H.O recommends at least 8 glasses of water per day and as much gallons as you can take. Human body is 80% water; all the Biochemical processes that take place in the body are in the water medium.

8. Switch over from Coffee to Tea. Coffee contains nicotine, which is classified as drugs. It also has its biochemical effect on the body; it is a stimulant. While Tea flushes the system especially herbal teas.

9. Exercise regularly, it is good for the heart.

10. Always take the stairs instead of an elevator or escalator at school and in the office / anywhere.

11. Do house work; take it as an extra chance to exercise.

12. Maintain a healthy weight. Get a bathroom scale today.

13. QUIT SMOKING TOTALLY. Cigarette contains carbon (ii) oxide, which compete with the Haemoglobin in the red blood cell for the oxygen that comes into the lungs during respiration. The effect of this too dangerous. Stay away from smokers if you don't smoke, the effect of the smoke on you is more than it is on them.

14. Avoid alcohol. The glucose in alcohol is much. Alcohol causes liver cirrhosis.

15. Sleep adequately, at least 8 hours during the night. Importantly be in bed before 9 pm,most important metabolic processes starts from then and it will be effective if the body is at the state of rest.

16. Monitor your blood pressure. Do pressure test at least once a week.

17. Monitor your CHOLESTEROL intake. Too much cholesterol causes the disease called Arteriosclerosis.

18. Your work schedule should be regular to avoid over stress.

19. Practice stress- reduction techniques such as deep-breathing, yoga and medication.

20. Laughter is a good medicine. Smile always, it cost nothing, it solves a lot. The muscles you need to smile is less than that you need to frown.

21. Do a regular medical check up to know the state of your heart and to know what precautions to take.

22. Control Diabetes.

23. Know your family history of cardiovascular disease. Did any one in your family tree die of any heart disease? Then you are at risk.

24. Love: Give and Receive it.

25. Only take medications prescribed by qualified doctors.

Conclusively, it is important that we all maintain a good and healthy heart.

The heart is one of the major and vital organs of the body. It beats continually for 24/7/365.

If its stop to beat that means a journey to the great beyond.

So guide your heart diligently for out of it proceeds the issues of life.

Have a healthy life.

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